Frequently Asked Questions

What is WasteXchange?

WasteXchange is a trusted community platform that connects people who have waste or usable resources they need to dispose of with suppliers in the waste management sector. Tell us what you have and receive offers from trusted waste service suppliers in minutes and choose the best person for the job. They will then contact you to organise collection.

Who can submit ads on WasteXchange and how much does it cost?

Everybody and free! WasteXchange is a platform geared for both businesses and residential customers as a simple way to save money by getting the best prices on the open market for their waste collections. As a user it is free to submit ads and accept offers.

Can I get prices for regular ongoing collections?

Yes! When submitting your ad simply enter your required collection frequency into the notes section so that suppliers can enter a bid taking this into account. 

How can I reduce the cost of my collection?

First check out the database to see if you can take any of your materials to free drop off points. Then separate your waste into recyclables and non-recyclables and post separate ads for each - collection of recyclables is generally cheaper than non-recyclables. If you have reusable materials such as tiles, bricks, kitchen cabinets, etc. - people may even pick them up for free!